July 24, 2011


Well ! the official announcement of my first solo album 'Close to Distantly' arrived. Incredible to see this record galloping in your direction so pitfalls crossed its road but today i can assert that it is totally finishes and ready to bewitch the most curious in september/october.

Seventeen songs begun and interrupted during these three or four last years were gathered for a traveling of more than fifty minutes... Vocal guests intervene such as Babel Fishh, Bleubird, Ceschi, Filkoe, James P Honey, James Reindeer, Papervehicle (Edison, Home, Mildew & The Beastmaster) and Univac appear in the epic.
It is also important to mention James Reindeer's help for the incredible mixes, field recordings, surnatural addition of instruments (guitar, sitar, synth...) he murdered everything indeed. Now, need to finish the artwork and make records with the hands very very soon... Yes !

All the best...